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Visit to Montana?

Crazy Mountains from Lodge road

Been dreaming about a nice getaway? Always wanted a place in the country but don’t have the money? Consider the Burnt Out Lodge! We do the upkeep and maintenance and you enjoy the stay. Fish in Upper Deer Creek; or relax on our porches and watch the wildlife going by.  

What’s Your Interest?

What are you passionate about? There are others with the same passion. Get a group together and spent a weekend at Burnt Out Lodge. Call us so we can discuss your personal needs 406-932-6601. You will love it!


I just learned something new. Do you know what Glamping is? It is glamorous camping, no tents, no campfire, no sleeping on the ground. Guess what that describes the Burnt Out Lodge to a tee. If you like to be out in the country but also like it to be comfortable experience. Call us!

Perfect Place for Reunion of Nearly 45 People

Just one of the reviews from past guests : Burnt Out Lodge was the perfect place for a family reunion of nearly 45 attendees. This included a variety of ages from toddlers to 80+. The Lodge itself was our headquarters and housed nearly half of our group. The others enjoyed either tents or RV’s in …

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Feeling Nostalgic

I am feeling nostalgic today. When Burnt Out Lodge was just a dream of mine (I was much younger!). The Black Butte Fire came through the property on September 9, 1994. I thought it was over before it had a chance. The people that we had been working with told us we had eighteen months …

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Geese on the Pond

I went to the Lodge this morning and the geese have arrived on the pond. The bluebirds are back too. No doubt that spring is here. Time to get your reservations for summer and fall.