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Montana is simply beautiful! Come see for yourself at our vacation rental. BTW, it's also a great place for a retreat, wedding or other event.

Mother’s Day, Sandhill Cranes and Family

Here are some photos from Mother’s Day weekend.  Time with family is so important, don’t you think? If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, bring your family and come visit us.  

Spring is Here!

We’re gearing up for lots of visitors this year.  You can contact us directly to book the Lodge.

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkey

I saw this fellow strutting his stuff outside.  I’m sure the lady turkeys were very impressed!

Deer by Lodge Road

We love living in Montana!

Mornings at Burnt Out Lodge

Morning in Montana

Mornings this pretty are worth getting up for!

Geese on the Pond

I went to the Lodge this morning and the geese have arrived on the pond. The bluebirds are back too. No doubt that spring is here. Time to get your reservations for summer and fall.